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PAKURI UUTE - Instant Chaga Extract 32g

Polar Nutrition

Chaga is a non-toxic fungus that grows on deciduous trees like birch and looks like a clump of burnt wood.

There has been extensive research on the health benefits of chaga. It is one of the strongest sources of antioxidants and has an expansive range of bioactive compounds.

This extract is a dense, dark brown, almost black very fine powder and it is its naturally occurring colour. It is gently brewed in a vacuum and this extraction process leaves only parts that are 100% dissolvable to your body. Because of this unique extraction process, this chaga is ready for use instantly.

Extraction is a unique non-alcoholic double extraction method and it does not contain any extenders but contains only materials which are 100% soluble for the body.

How to use it? Our favourite way to enjoy chaga extract is to mix it with a cup of hot water with a splash of oat milk. You can use chaga extract in various ways, as a food supplement or/and in food preparation.


Ingredients: Chaga mushroom extract (1 kilogram of chaga extract is made from 12 - 15 kilogram of raw chaga)

Product Size: 32g

Dosage: 1/3 of a teaspoon (1g) per day

Storage: Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight

Usage: Mix with hot or cold water, coffee, tea, smoothies or yoghurt

Origin: Siberia, Russia

ORAC Value: Examined antioxidant ORAC unit 146300

Packaging: Cardboard packaging, widely recyclable

Additional Information: Free from any nasties!

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