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Single Handle Kuksa + Kerkkä Spruce Sprout Powder

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These two are made for each other. A handmade birch Kuksa cup and Arctic Warriors’ Spruce Sprout Powder for making a warming Winter Wonderland drink.

Kuksa mugs are made with true craftsmanship following the ancient tradition of the indigenous Sámi people of Lapland. They are very popular among foragers, hikers, nature lovers and by anybody who appreciates bringing a handcrafted wooden drinking vessel into the home.

Spruce Sprout (Christmas tree buds!) are handpicked in the pure forests of Lapland, and freeze dried so all the delicate nutrients will stay untouched. Spruce buds are naturally abundant with vitamin C and to help support your immunity.

Make sure you smell the jar first since the essential oils makes you instantly feel like you’re in wild Nordic forests.

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Origin: Kuksa - Handmade by Kuksa E. Koivumaa in Lapland, Finland | Kerkkä - Foraged from regulated wild forests of Lapland, Finland

Materials: Kuksa - 100% Finnish Birch Burl

Ingredients: Kerkkä - Freeze dried Spruce Sprout Powder

Size: Kuksa - 150ml (approx.) | Kerkkä 40g

Care Instructions: Kuksa - Rinse with clean water. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Usage: Kerkkä - Mix with water, tea, yoghurt, porridge, cereal (you name it!) and also try Arctic Warriors’ famous Kerkkä Latte

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