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PUOLU - Wild Lingonberry Powder 45g

Arctic Warriors

Hand-picked wild lingonberries from the pure arctic nature where they grow under the midnight sun. These bright red berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Puolu is made of whole lingonberries and they have been dried at low temperatures, so all the valuable nutrients are preserved.

Lingonberries naturally contain a large amount of quercetin which can help anyone dealing with chronic inflammation, allergies and hay fever. Also, these little berries may reduce the recurrence of those pesky urinary tract infections!

The powder is packed in a high-quality dark glass jar with a seal to keep the berries taste, colour and aroma unchanged.


Ingredients: Lingonberry Powder (equivalent to 400g of fresh Lingonberries)

Product Size: 45g

Dosage: 1tsp a day

Storage: Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight

Usage: Mix with yoghurt, porridge, smoothie, cereal or water

Origin: Foraged from regulated wild forests of Lapland, Finland

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