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Arctic Power Cranberry Powder 70g

Arctic Power Berries

100% Natural Cranberry powder, made with wild, nutritious Arctic cranberries from the clean, unpolluted nature of Finland. Nothing added!

Nutrient dense superfood: A teaspoon of powder is equal to a handful of fresh, wildly grown cranberries. Delicious antioxidant, vitamin and colour boost to your smoothies, breakfast bowls, porridge, yogurt, cereal or baking. The powder tastes like the fresh, wild-grown cranberries.

Over 700g of fresh berries goes into one 70g bag.

Benefits of wild-grown Arctic cranberries include:

  • Full of natural antioxidants – can help develop the immune system and improve metabolism
  • Antioxidants can contribute to anti-aging benefits and help to prevent and relieve skin conditions such as wrinkles, premature aging or acne
  • Very low in natural sugar, calories and fat
  • Great source of vitamin E that is beneficial for skin and hair
  • Rich in dietary fibre that supports digestion
  • Can help in preventing and treating kidney and bladder problems
  • Can benefit oral health, by reducing bacteria binding to teeth
  • Antioxidants can contribute to weight loss and maintaining a healthy metabolism

Why use berry powder instead of fresh berries? Berry powder contains the goodness of berries, in dried form. This powder is made wild harvested berries that mature in long hours of daylight from the midnight sun, and are naturally richer in antioxidants and vitamins than cultivated berries. The berry powder lasts long – it doesn’t expire quick like fresh berries.


Ingredients: Cranberries (equivalent to 700g of fresh Cranberries)

Product Size: 70g

Serving size: 1-2tsp

Servings per Bag: Up to 23 teaspoons

Usage: Mix with yoghurt, porridge, smoothie, cereal or water

Suitable for: Vegetarian and vegan, Gluten free, Paleo, Raw, those avoiding refined sugar

Additional Information: Raw - Dried below 40 degrees celsius; Contains only natural sugars; Free from gluten, dairy, soya and nuts; Preservative and flavouring free; Non-GMO; Exceptional nutritional values compared to industrially grown berries

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight, in dry room temperature. Do not freeze. After opening consume within 16 weeks for optimum freshness. Please note that the powder may settle and harden in transit - shake well before use. Due to the berries' natural volume and texture some powders may set more than the others.

Origin: Finland

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