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An interview with Essi Peltoniemi
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14 Questions with Artist and Designer, Essi Peltoniemi

We welcome our first guest to our Nordic Corner series of blog posts: Kaverini Designs owner, artist and designer, Essi Peltoniemi. Essi is the creative genius behind the new Scandi-themed prints and postcards now available in our Nordic Style collection. We asked Essi 14 questions to dig a little deeper and find out where this Finn-gal gets her inspiration!


  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself - who is Essi?

    I’m Essi Peltoniemi, an artisan and a designer. I’m the mother of two lovely little boys and I do all of my work from home. Our family lives in the countryside in the small town of Kannus in Central Ostrobothnia in Finland. We are currently building a new workspace for me in our backyard and I’m so thrilled that soon I don’t have to work from my tiny room any more!

  2. How long have you been working in the design industry?

    I have always loved painting, but it has been my profession since 2016.

  3. What did you do before you started Kaverini Designs?

    I was studying and I worked for a while in the design industry as a freelancer, but almost immediately I started to design my own portfolio. I guess being an entrepreneur is something that comes naturally to me.

  4. What inspires you to paint?

    Almost everything! What inspires me most is the beautiful and pure Finnish nature. It restores my batteries and provides a huge amount of energy. I love being in nature.

  5. Are the landscapes in your paintings based on real places that you have visited or have they been imagined?

    The ideas for the forest landscape posters have largely come from our family holidays up in the northern part of Finland. We like to roam in the woods and get that feeling of emerging into nature. The idea of the Usvametsä (Misty Forest) print came from the misty forests in Lapland where the different heights and depths come in and out of visibility.

    Another example is the Ruska painting. My window opens onto a field with a lot of different tall grasses growing on the edge, the idea for came from there.

  6. Are you living your dream life at the moment?

    Yes, I am! I love creative work and especially being an entrepreneur.

  7. What do you dream of?

    There are often many dreams, but most of them are useless. I feel like I already have a lot when I get to paint and I also have a wonderful family. Perhaps my biggest dream at the moment is that I would someday get an employee so I could just paint all the time! At the moment, I do everything in my business alone.

  8. Best place in the world?

    There’s no place like home!

  9. What message would you send to young designers?

    Believe in your dreams, and make them come true! Do it exactly in your own style that is your thing and do it to the fullest!

  10. Your favourite Finnish food?

    Difficult to say… But let’s go for fresh whitefish and bread cheese (Finnish delicacy with a similar texture to halloumi) cooked on the campfire.

  11. Do you have a favourite motto or saying you like to repeat to yourself?

    We only live once! I don’t know if that’s even a motto, but often when people dream of something, I tell them to do it right away, you may not be able to do it anymore tomorrow!

  12. The three most important values in life?

    Family and friends and faith in the future.

  13. Your favourite designer?

    There are many, but I’d say ceramic artist Jatta Lavi and furniture designer Hanna Saari.

  14. Who inspires you?
      To this, I’d answer that my customers, especially my Facebook and Instagram followers. They often comment and give feedback, tell me what they would like me to paint and then rejoice in the end result. It motivates and inspires me to paint more! I love how my clients communicate with me and I get a lot of inspiration from it!


You can follow Essi on Instagram @kaverini or visit her website There isn’t a day when she’s not creating something new in her home-studio! She’s truly an inspiring person.