Kerkkä Latte
Packed with goodness from the forest
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Ingredients (For two)

  • 500 ml oat milk (or your preferred milk)
  • 2 teaspoons of KERKKÄ spruce sprout powder
  • 3 teaspoons of maple syrup or another natural sweetener
  • a touch of vanilla powder


  1. Heat up the milk until it is almost boiling (70 - 80 degrees), to keep all the delicate nutrients active.

  2. Mix a little bit of milk and spruce sprout powder together in a separate bowl. When it’s all mixed add the rest of the milk and pour it all into a blender with the maple syrup. Mix until nice and frothy. (Take care before turning your blender on! Be sure to leave a small air gap to let steam out as you blend. This is very important - you don’t want your latte to end up all over your kitchen!)

  3. Pour into a mug or glass, add a pinch of vanilla powder and decorate with another sprinkling of spruce sprout powder to give a vibrant and pop of green colour.


Photo courtesy of Artic Warriors / Hanna Hurtta

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