Pure berry powders, herb extracts and forest foods sourced from producers who care deeply about the quality and origin of their ingredients, bringing you the very best nature has to offer.

Wild Forest Foods

Bring the pure, clean and natural flavours of the
Nordic forest to your own kitchen.
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Pure Plant Power

Wild Blueberry, Lingonberry and Spruce Sprout powders
from Lapland, grown under the midnight sun.
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Nettle Pesto Pasta
by METTÄ Nordic
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Nordic Inspired Gifts

Handmade Kuksa cups, Kerkkä Spruce Sprout Powder
and forest flavours from Mettä.
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Kotka Living

For us, it is important that all of our ingredients are of the highest possible quality, of natural source and are beautiful. We hope you will join us in the pleasant delights that these products can give.
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